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Mehyog, for Sugar Controlled Life.  Mehyog is an ayurvedic medicine for diabetic, which highly
Mehyog, For Sugar Controlled Life.  Mehyog is an ayurvedic medicine for the diabetic, which highly effective in patients suffering from Type 1, Type2 and Type 3 diabetes and is the best medication available for pregnancy related diabetes. It can be consumed by patients having diabetic complications like stroke, paralysis etc regardless of age. 

USAGE : Mehyog can be used along with other allopathic medications including Insulin,  should take 2 tablespoons of Mehyog powder  or 3 Mehyog Capsles, half an hour before food (morning and night). (For powder users; Put 2 tablespoons (10grm) of powder in a glass of water and boil it or mix the powder in one glass of hot water, filter and drink when it cools down).When the blood sugar level becomes normal or under control, one can gradually reduce and stop the allopathic medications. Insulin users also can reduce the dosage gradually and stop the use of insulin completely under doctors guidance. Once the blood sugar level is under control, the intake of Mehyog powder or Mehyog capsules also can be reduced to one tablespoon(5gm) or one capsule in the morning and night, and thereafter. It should be consumed regularly and continuously at such dosage for maintaining the normal level. Mehyog is 100% natural. 

ACTION : Within days the urinary complaints and the stomach disorders will be normalized, the numbness and swelling of the hands and legs, joint pains, muscle pain etc will be reduced; sleeplessness will be cured along with the tiredness and weakness if any. Chances of heart attack due to shortage of insulin is reduced. The use of Mehyog helps to strengthen the small blood vessels and thereby correcting the eye problems. Mehyog helps to reduce the intensity of paralysis by pushing up the blood supply to brain and also guards the kidneys from weakness due to increased sugar level.

SIDE EFFECTS: There are no known side effects to Mehyog. There should be more than lacks of patients who use Mehyog in Kerala and no side effects are reported.


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